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Why, hello. Welcome.

Glad to see you visit. I'm Calvin Luke Courtney, a game developer. I turn my passion for games into productive work, which in turn creates more games (who knew!) I want to create not just games, but experiences for others to have. My credentials include:

  • A Bachelor's Degree in Computer Game Design

  • 1 Shipped Title (Critical Impact)

  • Experience with C++/C# and the Unity Game Engine

  • Knowledge in Agile Development, including related tools such as Trello and GitHub

  • Auxiliary experience with Autodesk Maya

My Journey Here

I grew up in a military family, which meant there was a lot of moving around. I also grew up struggling with Asperger's and ADHD, and this combination of factors didn't allow for many friends early on. However, there was always two constants that never changed - cold winters that froze me to the sidewalk, and video games. Sonic the Hedgehog, the Legend of Zelda and 3D Mario games made up my childhood while the likes of Persona and Xenoblade Chronicles embodied my teen years. Battling social struggles and the ache of public schooling pushed me to really get into all of these games, learn them to a fault, and, due to good luck, it pushed me to a crowd of people who share these same interests. We spend years on end still discussing our favorite things, and it was like... an experience...

Gaming is an experience, something my college professors later on drilled into our heads. Give the player an experience, not just a time waster. That's what it was all about. So, with a passion and nothing more in my mind, I pursued a career in this industry. I went to college, developed my first game with classmates, and graduated. Since then, I joined the International Game Developers' Association, began and finished a mentorship program at Blizzard, started working towards developing a new mobile project (as of time of writing this), started freelancing work, reaching out to other developers for advice, started taking certification courses... geez, I'm a busy guy.

The journey doesn't quite end here. I have a long ways to go. I have much to learn, and much to improve upon, and this statement likely remains true 30 years down the line from now. But hey, learning and improving is the fun part. So, if you made it this far to the end, thanks! Maybe I can convince you to go a bit further though, and reach out to me. I'd love to chat, whether it be industry related, job related, or even just chatting about nothing in particular. I'm excited to be a part of this industry, in any way I can!

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